May 15, 2014

Keynote Speaker

Mark is an extremely versatile performer and a great keynote speaker.

With a great keynote speaker there’s an immediate total emotional and mental connection, a stage presence, an energy which captivates, the whole auditorium lights up. Being a keynote speaker is not a logical or rational thing only. You can watch videos of keynote speakers and try to analyze style or content but there’s something else going on.

Mark Collier is an extremely versatile performer that can help make your event successful in many ways. Please don’t hesitate to contact him directly if you have any questions or would like to hear more of the creative ways in which he will work with you to help make your event a seamless, resounding success!

  • Trade Shows
  • New Product Releases
  • MC for Corporate Training
  • Hospitality Suites
  • Holiday, Retirement and Promotion Parties
  • Keynote Speaker “Creative Problem Solving”

Corporations This is just a small sampling of the hundreds of corporate shows Mark Collier has performed: corportate events

Computer Motion Cottage Hospital Deckers Corporation Goleta National Bank Guitar Center Helix Corporation Mission Research Montecito Bank & Trust Raytheon Saint Francis Hospital Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Sherwin Williams Paint

Note: The brands and logos above are copyrighted trademarks of their respective companies and are included here for informational purposes only. No endorsement or relationship is implied.


A few of the venues that hire Mark Collier on a regular basis:

Hollywood Magic Castle Four Seasons Biltmore Bacara Resort Fess Parker’s Doubletree Inn Santa Barbara Zoo UCSB La Cumbre Country Club
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